Resort Policies

To ensure all visitors have a safe and enjoyable visit to Dakota Ridge RV Resort, please review and follow our policies.

CHECK-IN TIME: 1:00 PM. Early check-ins are based on availability and will require an additional fee.
CHECK-OUT TIME: 11:00 AM. Late check-outs are based on
availability and will require an additional fee. There are no refunds orcredits for early departures. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Site occupant maximums

To ensure the enjoyment of all of our guests, our resorts have established maximum occupant numbers for our various sites:

  • RV sites – 6 guest maximum

CHILDREN: Parents or guardians are fully liable and responsible for the acts, conduct and safety of their children at all times. All unsupervised children under the age of 18 must be on their site by 10:00 PM.


COMMON AREAS/FACILITIES: Our management is responsible for all common areas.

DOG PENS/FENCING: Not allowed.

FIREARMS/FIREWORKS: For the safety of all guests, the display or use of firearms or fireworks is prohibited.

FIRES: No open fires by the RV sites are allowed, only propane fire grills. Use of fires and grills is strictly governed by county, state and park management restrictions and bans.

LAUNDRY/RESTROOMS/SHOWERS: Help us to keep the restrooms and laundry facilities clean for your enjoyment. Please feel free to notify us if they are in need of attention.


To the extent permitted under Colorado law, the guest accepts camping privileges with the understanding that the guest and all members of the guest’s party, do hereby waive, release, and agree to hold harmless Dakota Ridge RV Resort (the “Resort”) and its officers and employees from all liability for loss, damage, or injury to property or the person arising out of the use of the Resort’s facilities. This waiver, release, and hold harmless agreement is intended to be as broad as permitted under Colorado law and apply to all uses of the Resort, including all portions of the individual camp sites and cabins, and all common areas within the Resort.

I have read, understand, and agree to the above Release and Waiver of Liability and to comply with all of Dakota Ridge RV Resort’s policies, rules, and regulations, as posted in the office, on the grounds, in the brochure/map provided at check-in time, and available at

MAIL/PACKAGE DELIVERIES: We do not accept any mail or package deliveries.

MARIJUANA: The possession and use of marijuana on this private property is prohibited.

PARKING: Parking is provided for one (1) vehicle at the site with your RV. Please DO NOT park in empty sites. All guests must park in designated areas. ALL vehicles MUST display the park-issued tag you receive at check in at all times while in the park. This also applies to ALL visitors or you may be asked to leave. All guests must register at the office upon arrival. A $5.00 resort fee per vehicle per person will be charged per day. 

PET RULES: – RV INN Properties are pet friendly.
– Dogs must be on leashes no longer than 6 feet at all times and attached to a person.
– Dogs may not be left unattended at any time.
– Excessive barking will not be tolerated and guests may be asked to leave.
– We provide “doggie bags” in our Pet Play Area. Please clean up after your dog.
– Any damage from your dog will result in charges equivalent to the incident, including replacement of any damaged items and labor.
– Any dog showing aggressive behavior or tendencies must leave the park immediately or will be reported to local Animal Enforcement.


A. The pool is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, dependent upon weather conditions. Pool will close in the event of lightning.
B. The pool is for registered guests only.
C. There is no lifeguard on duty; swim at your own risk.
D. Diving is not allowed
E. The owners and management assume no responsibility for accidents or injury.
F. Pool – Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult to enter the pool.
G. Management reserves the right to restrict the use of the pool/ facilities at any time.
I. Violating any of these pool area rules will result in you being asked to depart immediately without a refund.

PROPANE: Approved bottles will be filled only during regular office hours. 100-pound tanks are not allowed in the park. All propane tanks must be enclosed within the RV.

QUIET TIME: Quiet time is observed every night from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. We will not tolerate loud noises, fighting, abusive language or drunkenness disturbing others. Running of generators is not allowed.

REFUNDS/CREDITS: No refunds or camp credits are permitted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Change Fee:  Any date changes to any existing reservation will incur a $35.00 fee per each change.

Cancellation Policy:  When a customer cancels his/her reservation. There is no refund or credits, no exceptions.  The park will give you options to use your money, please contact them.

RV REQUIREMENTS: All RVs must be owner occupied, well maintained and clean. Per Colorado law, each unit must have a 3-inch sewer hookup. The sewer connection must be sealed to comply with Jefferson County & State regulations. If you do not have one, they are available for purchase in our store.

RV SITES: We DO NOT guarantee specific sites. We reserve the right to assign campsites. No tents are allowed on an RV site. No mats on the grass.

SMOKING AND ALCOHOL: All buildings are non-smoking. Please dispose of butts in the proper receptacles. Colorado drinking age applies. No excessive drinking will be permitted.

SPEED LIMIT: 5 MPH and is strictly enforced. This applies to all driven vehicles. 

STORE: For your convenience, we offer a limited supply of gifts and RV supplies located at the office.

TENTS: Not allowed.

TRASH: We offer curbside pickup every day. Please place all trash in tied plastic bags in front of your RV, near the road, between 8:00 AM and 4:30PM Do not leave garbage outside of these hours, as we do
have wildlife “visitors” in our area.

TRUCK CAMPERS/TOPPERS: Are not to be removed from the vehicle at any time.

VANDALISM: Anyone destroying property of Dakota Ridge RV Resort will be prosecuted. Parents/Guardians are responsible for the safety and action of their children.

VISITORS: Guests are welcome but are required  to check In and pay the applicable resort fee with the office prior to visiting your site; resort fee will be charged each day. You are responsible for your guests and any damage caused by them. Please share our Resort Policies with them. A guest falling to comply with the policies will lose visitor privileges and will be asked to leave. Visitors MUST display the vehicle tag they received at check-in at all times while In the park. Guests may be asked to leave if their visitor is not abiding by park policies.

WASHING VEHICLES: A permit is required. Please check with the office first.

WINDS: Due to the unpredictable Colorado high winds, always tie down and secure awnings, roof vents and any loose objects. Any style canopy is not allowed.

NOTE: Anyone not following any of the above resort policies/rules will be asked to Immediately leave the property without a refund.

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